Communications firm’s needs 500 workers

Communications firm’s local project will need 500 workers

Tena Lee, Nashville 5:42 p.m. CDT April 8, 20https://hendersonvilleonline.com5

One of the largest communications contractors in the Midwest has opened an office in Hendersonville, the company’s CEO confirmed on Wednesday.

Bear Communications recently leased property on Molly Walton Drive off Free Hill Road in Hendersonville, according to CEO Brett Niles.

He said the company will be doing telecommunications construction work but declined to say who the company’s client is or the specific work the company will be doing due to a non-disclosure agreement.

“For this project, Bear will employ either directly or indirectly through contract partners around 500 personnel,” he said. “We are relocating employees from our other offices around the country but will recruit the majority of our staff locally in Nashville/Hendersonville.”

Bear has offices in https://hendersonvilleonline.com0 states with a corporate headquarters in Lawrence, Kan.

Hendersonville Mayor Scott Foster and his staff were instrumental in his company’s decision to open an office here, according to Niles.

“A few months back we looked at a dozen properties around Nashville that were large enough to suit our needs,” he said. “Our preference was to find a property in Nashville proper but when we were shown the Molly Walton property, the mayor and his economic (development) director were there to meet and greet us and show us the property.”

Additionally, as company leaders were asking about security concerns, a Hendersonville police officer drove through the parking lot.

“It was perfect timing and we were impressed,” Niles added. “It came down to a choice between a property next to Fort Negley, which was actually less expensive, and the Molly Walton property, and we chose Hendersonville because your city leadership rolled out the red carpet for us.”

Jason Powell, principal broker of the Powell Group, was instrumental in getting the lease agreement worked out, according to Niles.

“For any city, when you’re able to bring in that many jobs, that’s a big boost to your economy,” said Hendersonville Economic Development Director Don Long. “We’re excited to have them. They are a very impressive company.”

According to its website, the company was founded in 200 and landed its first major sub-contract a year later in Long Island, N.Y. In 2005 the company landed its first major contract in Lawrence, Kan. Clients include Comcast, AT&T, Google Fiber and Time Warner.

“Our market team has only been in town for a week-and-a-half so we haven’t had an opportunity to form any partnerships with local vendors, but we will be searching out resources to support our operation soon,” Niles added.

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