Mophie juice pack

Mophie juice pack

Mophie Juice PackFor all of those who have iPhones, there is a nice little gadget that was shown to me and now I can tell you all about it. It is called a Mophie juice pack. It is a case for your iPhone that you place your phone into, push the little button on the side of the case and it will charge your phone while it sits in your belt holster. It is 2 pieces and it charges either hooked to your computer or to the wall just like your iPhone.  Depending on which seller you purchase Mophie from. I purchase my Morphie juice pack from Amazon for $30.00 plus shipping. Each seller is different, however so take a few extra minutes to peruse what will qualify you for which. The Mophie is perfect for someone who does not have the time or the ability to plug their phone in for hours  to charge. This little wonder lets us still use the phone and you can charge the phone for a while, turn off the Mophie and still have some more juice to do some additional charging later on, if need be. Just something I have used and thought others could use the info, as well.

The Mophie juice pack is available for iPhone 5s / 5, iPhone 4s / 4, Samsung and HTC. 


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