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Security Movie Review – Movie Reviews & Trailers | MovieSlackers

Security Movie Review – Movie Reviews & Trailers | MovieSlackers

Security is an action oriented B-film starring Antonio Banderas as an emotionally damaged veteran who has completed three tours in the Middle East. He has returned home and for an entire year has been looking for a job; any job so he can get back to feeling somewhat normal. He also has a wife and daughter he is trying to get home to in another state. With a beat up truck and very little money to his name, he will take any job. “Even cleaning toilets?” a woman at an employment agency asks. “ANY job”, Eddie (Banderas) responds.

As luck would have it, the only job that needs immediate filling is a nighttime security guard position at the local mall. Upon arriving he is fitted with a new uniform and meets his conga line of co-workers most notably the head of the security team, Vance (Liam McIntyre) who is a bit too smug for Eddie’s taste. To look and listen to Vance, you would think he was guarding Fort Knox. As these films go, Eddie’s first night on the job brings a young girl pounding on the glass doors of the mall in the middle of a rainstorm. Scared to death and telling the guards, “They are coming!” she passes out before she can spill the details. Eddie immediately suspects that they are in severe danger and that this is not just some runaway.

Now, for most people Security is another film in a long line of indistinguishable, B-grade action flicks that are a dime a dozen. They litter the racks at Wal-Mart and most, to be sure, are garbage. Security surprised me. Is it a great film? Oh my, no. But it is a rather solid action film with Antonio Banderas who single-handedly holds Security together. Banderas is a fine actor who is underrated. He wears the weathered look of Eddie quite effectively but he is not so far over the top that he comes across as forced or fake. There is a certain genuine, heartfelt honesty about Banderas and his performance. He is the driving force behind Security and the reason why Security is better than your average action picture.

Ben Kingsley is fine as Charlie, the main baddie in Security. He fulfills what the character needs to do to sell the conflict between him and Eddie, but this is Kingsley playing the same kind of villain he has played in countless other pictures. I did enjoy Liam McIntyre as Vance who starts out as a goof but turns out to have a little more depth to him, as well. He does have some good lines of campy dialogue which made me chuckle, unexpectedly. Without any guns of any kind, the crew of security guards booby-traps the mall to keep Charlie and his goons out until the police arrive, but since they don’t know who is coming or when they have to keep the pressure on, indefinitely. This gives the filmmakers a few chances at some humorous banter between these characters, most of which is fun.

Security was directed by Alain Desrochers and in looking at his resume, he has directed films for the big screen and television and I can safely say I have not seen a single work of his. As for the writers, Tony Mosher and John Sullivan, their only noticeable piece of work was Mechanic: Resurrection from 2016. Talk about a “piece”. That was a “piece” of something. But with Security, everyone seems to be connecting. This film knows exactly what it is and what it wants to be; escapist action entertainment. On that level and that level alone, Security works.Security – *** out of 5

Security – Rated R for language, graphic violence and gore
Security – Run Time is 90 minutes

Security is now available On Demand, DVD and subscription services as well as a limited run in theaters. Check your local listings for times and locations nearest you, if you cannot find it on your preferred view-at-home service.


Source: Security Movie Review – Movie Reviews & Trailers | MovieSlackers

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