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Things really would never be the same

Things really would never be the same

Things really would never be the same:’ Nashville resident reflects on 2010 flood

Nine years after the historic, thousand-year-flood hit Nashville, only two percent of people living in Nashville have flood insurance.

It sounds like a low number when remembering the 20 lives lost and the $2 billion in damages that hit the Midstate in 2010.


Dorothy Eddings has lived in North Nashville for nearly half a century. Her home is her happy place, where she keeps her previous collectibles, and the place where she raised her three children.

“This house was special to me,” Eddings said.

Nine years ago, she lost nearly everything.

“Things, really, would never be the same,” she said.

It’s a statement that held true for so many Nashvillians who lived through the thousand-year-flood. Thankfully, Eddings is still in her beloved home, partly because she already had flood insurance before the flood hit.

“I was blessed,” Eddings said.


Eddings said in 2010, many of her neighbors didn’t have flood insurance, and many still don’t. That’s partly because of the price tag. These people aren’t alone. According to officials with the Federal Emergency Management Agency, or FEMA, less than 2% of Nashvillians have active flood insurance policies.

Eddings says it’s a risk she still isn’t willing to take after living through the flood.

“You lose friends, you lose most of what you’ve got, so if you move, whether it’s here, or anywhere, if you can afford insurance, then you need to get it,” she said.

Even if you don’t live in a flood zone, state experts say that doesn’t mean you don’t need coverage. They say more than 20% of flood insurance claims come from outside of flood zones, and that insurance could save you from a financial catastrophe.

Most home or renter’s insurance policies do not cover damages from floods.

FEMA has created a flood map tool for you to check where your home stands.

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