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Upcoming mobile phones of 2014

Upcoming mobile phones of 2014

iPhone 6 mockup

1. Samsung Galaxy S5 – Release Date April – Release date should be confirmed in Febuary

2. The HTC M8 (One 2/One+) – Release Date March – Release date should be confirmed in Febuary

3. Sony Xperia Z1 Compact – Release Date March

4. ASUS Zenfone 6/5/4 – Release Date Late January, early February

5. The iPhone 6 – Release Date Unknown, expected to be around October, November

Upcoming mobile phones of 2014 Release dates are not confirmed and are rumored. Check back for confirmed released dates when available.

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  1. DavidG

    Yes I will be getting the ASUS Zenfone and testing that until the Ultimate Phone Samsung G5 is released in late Febuary. I will always stay away from the IPhone’s the OS is a data hog, its just the way Apple created there intranet network, where other phones go out to the internet first. It does make searching on Apple faster but you are downloading more data, this is why you are seeing the high amounts of data on your bill..

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