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What you might see on the road in Hendersonville TN

What you might see on the road in Hendersonville TN

Duane-Allen-Spot on My-Classic-Cars1984 Excalibur Roadster

While doing post on Hendersonville local celebrities, I find myself reading and getting to know some of these folks and seeing that most people are not just good at one thing most have lots of other interest and talents that you and I might never know of unless you really look at the person and their life.

While posting on  WELL KNOWN Country Music Singer Duane Allen with the Oak Ridge Boys, I found that not only does he enjoy singing and making business decisions for the group, he also loves Classic Cars. Since I also have a love for classic and Hot Rod cars as well I found myself looking at his love of Cars and of Hendersonville and wanted to share this video that I found on YouTube about a man, singer and car buff with a 1984 Excalibur Roadster, one of only many of his cars you might see him driving around Hendersonville.

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