20 Best in film

20 Best in film

 As 20https://hendersonvilleonline.com3 has ended it is time for the lists. Since I have not seen ALL of the big films I will give my own lists of the 5 best and the 5 worst films that I HAVE seen. So get your cards and there will be a quiz on this tomorrow. Actually, no but read’em and weep. First the 5 best films this year.

captainphil  At number 5 is Paul Greengrass’s Captain Phillips with Tom Hanks. I have to pen a review for it, but suffice is to say that Tom Hanks show why he is one of Hollywood’s finest actors and director Greengrass has yet to disappoint me with one of his films. Captain Phillips is a riveting and effective thriller based on the true story of a cargo ship taken over by a band of Somali pirates. The script, direction and Hanks propel this film which pulsates humanity and intelligence in Billy Rays’ script based on Phillips’s own book of the 2009 incident.

despicable  At number 4 is Despicable Me 2 a sequel but every bit as endearing and charming as its predecessor. This time Gru, the girls and his minions battle a new super villain that is planning to turn Gru’s minions into blue eating machines that devour anything in their path as they are unleashed on the world. Kristen Wiig voices Gru’s girlfriend, and she is a total delight. Rarely do sequels work as well as the original, but Despicable Me 2 is the exception; clever, sweet and wholesome fun for the whole family.

star trek  At number 3 is Star Trek Into Darkness, a bold and boisterously fun film that pits Chris Pine’s Captain Kirk against Benedict Cumberbatch’s Kahn as Kahn enacts his revenge against Starfleet. Star Trek Into Darkness proves (as does Despicable Me 2) that you can do good sequels if the script is well written and it is here, indeed. Robert Orci, Alex Kurtzman and Damon Lindelof have written a crisp and engaging film, with a perfect cast and Abrams takes us on a wild ride that is fun and exciting with some nice twists.

prisoners  At number 2 is Prisoners, Denis Villineuve’s masterfully heartbreaking film about the abduction of two little girls and the tragic investigation that follows. Hugh Jackman as a father of one of the girls, is terrific as he goes on his own mission to find them. Feeling helpless and with hope waning Jackman dances from enraged to devastated in an Oscar worthy performance. Jake Gyllenhaal as the investigating officer will keep viewers on their toes as a cop who is battling his own demons, as well. If you have kids and watch this film, you will never let them out of your sight.  It is a tough film to watch in its subject matter but worth viewing. It is not for kids, though as there is a lot of bad language.

Gravity  And number https://hendersonvilleonline.com is Alfonso Cuaron’s marvelous thriller Gravity which stars Sandra Bullock as a stranded astronaut just trying to stay alive after their shuttle is destroyed by flying debris from a Russian satellite. Told in real time at 90 minutes this film is as realistic as any film I have ever seen about space. It is a superbly crafted thriller that had me wincing, mouth open in awe of what a true battle for survival can be. Bullock (Oscar worthy, no doubt)and George Clooney are terrific together and the father and son script by Alfonso Cuaron and Jonas Cuaron is smartly written. Alfonso Cuaron’s direction is top notch and Oscar worthy as well. Film score composer, Steven Price should also be considered for Oscar contention for his tremendous score for Gravity as well. So there you have it, folks. I just want to thank each and everyone one of you for reading and responding; good, bad or otherwise in 20https://hendersonvilleonline.com3 at Websnacker. A special thanks to my mentor, Tariq for granting me the forum to write what I can. Here’s to a prosperous and safe 20https://hendersonvilleonline.com4 with plenty of great films ready to come and plenty of stinkers to keep it real. Keep coming back for more film and film score reviews at Websnacker.    

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