Daddy Daughter Time at BONFIRE MONGOLIAN GRILL Hendersonville

Daddy Daughter Time at BONFIRE MONGOLIAN GRILL Hendersonville

Think you will leave hungry after eating at Bonfire Mongolian Grill in Hendersonville, well think again or you could just ask Justin Nissen or his daughter. Justin shows off his building skills while building the perfect bowl. I met Justin at the door while I was leaving and he ask how the food was? I told him it was great and we eat here two sometimes three times a week. He said “well then I am going to give it a try”, he also explained he had some serious building skills and wasn’t afraid to use them. He and his daughter with a smile on both of their faces looked like they were both going for the Gold. I told Justin to send me some pictures of what his bowl looked like and just like he said, I was impressed.

Justin will be giving lessons on Wed and Sat 6-7pm on how to build the monster bowl. Well that last part might not be true but I am sure you can witness Justin and his Daughter at the Bonfire Mongolian Grill Hendersonville, next to the Hobby Lobby.
If you think you have the building skills to show up Justin, put it to the test but send pictures to and let us be the judge.
Thanks again Justin/Daughter I’m sure I will see you on my next trip to The Bonfire Grill.


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